Thursday, June 23, 2011

Summer and the Road to Santiago

For Hickory the summer has arrived and we are off to the north, to walk the first part of the Road to Santiago, the Northern Path, which mostly follows the coast, usually along clifftop paths with the sea below you or visible off to one side. It goes through dozens of pretty fishing villages (and some not so pretty villages that are mostly factories) and is cooler and much more attractive than the more traditional route through Old Castille. We'll take about a week to do it, starting from Hondarribia, and we'll probably get just beyond Bilbao this year. We aren't in any hurry.

This post was going to be long and meandering, whimsically dwelling on the details of the trail and the reasons we have for doing it (we like the area and we like walking, to sum it up) but time has caught up with me, as usual.

Interest in, even knowledge off, the real world will be even smaller than usual for a few days. Now I have a Galaxy smartphone I can, in theory, read the papers and keep in touch with the world, even on the clifftops of Gipuzkoa, but I don't suppose I shall. I'll use it mostly as a GPS, to avoid getting lost to a philosophically unnecessary degree. I'll try to blog a little, just to report on progress and describe the places we see, and the things that happen. With photos. I love the modern world.


James Higham said...

Half yer luck - send photos.

CIngram said...

But of course. My life would be empty without the camera (because I'd forget most of it).