Saturday, June 25, 2011

Donosti again, on foot

Today we began the walk. 25 kms from Hondarribia to San Sebastian, along a road through the hills parallel with the coast. The cliffs and the sea lay visible below us much of the way. We started at sea-level, at the beach on the French border, and climbed to the pass at Jaizkibel, at 450m, and down again to the sea at San Seb, through Pasajes, a particularly unprepossessing complex of industrial towns and cargo ports. We arrived at La Concha, where a triatlon was just beginning, so we swam, and ate, and swam again, and watched other people sweat for a change.

The big thing here is 'pinchos'. The bars of the old town have dishes out full of different hot and cold snacks, and you help yourself, and pay when you leave. In the old days I remember they would charge you by counting the seafood shells on the floor, but there's a lot more variety now, and we found a couple of places of a very high standard. Tonight the legs need a rest, so it'll be sth nearby.

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