Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Las Tablas de Daimiel

Another area round here worth looking at are the Tablas de Daimiel. Daimiel is a large town of no particular interest, but a few miles to the north west the river flows by and it broadens into an expanse of wetland which is full of birds (yes, we're back with the waterfowl). The best area is crossed by a network of walkways which allow you to get close to all the main breeding grounds without bothering them too much. The walkways start at an old but well prreserved bridge which manages to look shiny and fresh, rather than dusty and dilapidated, and has many several crossings, most with the arches that channelled the water from the time when there were mills along them, as there were on many of the bridges near here.

The route is perfect for the bike, about twenty miles each way through attractive country with no real hills and with birds at the end of it. Mrs Hickory still thinks it's a bit far for her, but she will allow herself to be persuaded.


James Higham said...

Do you ever take an airboat there?

CIngram said...

Actually, no. (I assume you mean an inflatable dinghy, or some such thing). It probably wouldn't be allowed near the main nesting sites, but it would be great to drift/paddle through the quieter waters. I expect people do, though I haven't seen them.