Friday, June 24, 2011

San Sebastian and La Concha

Today San Sebastian. We start walking tomorrow, so today we just spent the morning on a train and the afternoon on the beach. La Concha is one of the most beautiful beaches in Spain, I spent a few summers her many years ago and it hasn't changed at all. It's a horseshoe, with a mountain at each end and an islet between them with it's own little mountain and hills all around and the port and the old town beside it. The beachfront apartments are worth a fortune. It used to be the place in Spain to holiday, and in a way it still is. The water was refreshing, the jellyfish didn't sting and the it wasn't so hot as down south, which becomes unbearable around mid-june.
Now fo a bit of lobster or sth. Photos later.

The rest of the year I work for a living. Honest.

Addendum: The photo is the sun going down on La Concha. Er, yes, it is my thumb. I haven't got the hang of this camera yet.

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