Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Stage four

Today 24kms from Deba to Lekeitio. First over the hills to Mutriku, then along the river to Ondarroa and from there all round the old coast road through the woods to Lekeitio. Almost all of these places are old fishing villages. Much but not all of the fishing is gone but they allretain the beauty and charm of the old port with it's stone houses, the bigger, colourful houses on the overhanging cliffs and hills, the boats in the harbour, and the water cutting it all in half.

I love to approach villages of any kind on foot, to see them in their setting, silent and still, to arrive, to see the life that moves them, to be part of it for a brief moment, and to leave it behind you again, as your road goes on to somewhere else. It's how you know you're moving, when the towns go past you.

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