Monday, June 27, 2011

Stage three

Thirteen kms from Zarautz to Zumaia along the old coast road that never leaves th sea. A rest for the legs after two hard days in the mountains. Tomorrow we climb again. E stopped off at Getaria to see the monuments to Elcano and the peninsula in the shape of a crouchong mouse. Now we are 250 m above Deba, at a hotel by the old shrine of Itziar.


James Higham said...

You're going to be mighty fit.

CIngram said...

Either that or in a wheelchair. I remain optimisticn

Mark Wadsworth said...

Best of luck etc, don't forget your bottled water and sun block.

I take it "crouchong" should read "crouching"?

CIngram said...


You wouldn't believe the things I sling in the rucksack just for a normal day's walking. For a week on the road I seem to have packed most of my worldly possessions. But rest assured, suncream and plenty of water are in there somewhere.

Crouching, yes. It's not just the small keyboard that's a problem with the phone, you can't always see what you're writing. But with a little care it's easy to use