Sunday, April 12, 2009

Christ is Risen

Right on cue here in the deepish South of this fine, warm, sunny country, Christ has risen from the dead. A true professional, He never fails. Having been paraded through the streets in various forms of glorious and sorrowful depictions of the final days of his life, often accompanied by his Mother in various guises, today He is alive and among us once again. It represents the joy of hope. Yes, it really does, I'm not making it up, you can feel it. As at Christmas people actually seem to like each other for a while, at Easter, where Easter matters, people start to think that maybe things aren't so bad after all. The good guy winning, wiping out the bad guys, with a spectacular last-second move that no one could have seen coming, is what feeling good is all about.
So here you have the image of the risen Christ that is paraded here, accompanied by all the 'cofrades' of all the brotherhoods (sorry I couldn't get a better picture). Holy Week here isn't like Seville or Málaga or Murcia, but it is big and old and well done and taken very seriously.

Meanwhile, up in the Basque Country, ETA have chosen this moment to threaten the new coalition government between the Socialist and Popular Parties. The terrorists have been used to dealing with the Nationalist government of JuanJo Ibarretxe for the last ten years, and he was, at the very least, an incompetent and a coward. Now they have no voice in the Parliament, and they do not have the ear of the Government either, we can expect the bombs to increase.

So there we have it, a mixed morning, as ever.

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