Saturday, April 18, 2009

Yesterday in Review

Quote of the day- From 'Chris', commenting on this post at Language Log:

"If you factor out the conversion from miles to km (1.6 km/mi), you can work out that they were assuming a liter is equivalent to about 16 minutes. Easy conversion between time and volume is one often overlooked advantage to the metric system.

Presumably this is an empirical physical relationship, and there is a Standard Liter of Beer and a Standard Graduate student in a glass case in France somewhere, who can drink that beer in 16 minutes, whenever calibration is needed."

The whole thread is a good laugh.

Image of the day- From the Telegraph, probably photoshopped and probably an old joke, but I liked it:

(click to enlarge, I think)

Achievement of the day- From the Central Veterinary Resarch Centre and the Camel Reproduction Centre of Dubai:

The cloning of a racing camel. No small feat. They also do paternity tests on camels, artificially inseminate them, and sex birds, all of which must make for an interesting day's work. They take the sport of Sheikhs very seriously over there.


Joke of the day- From NickM at Counting Cats in Zanzibar: f(x) walks into a pub and asks for a pint. The barman says, “Sorry mate, we don’t cater for functions”.

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