Monday, July 23, 2012

Blogging by Kite String

Hello there. The prickly, four-legged one here. My bipedal co-blogger has obviously forgotten all about his obligations to the readership so it looks like I’ll have to take over until he stirs into life. It’s always the same, give him a rucksack and a walking stick and the promise of a cold beer in the evening and the rest of the world can go to hell. Now I don’t know much about this beer business (never lets me have any, does he), but it looks a bit of fun. The stomping over mountains I can do without, though. I’ll leave that to him. So he leaves me alone at home with the run of the place and lots of food and water while he goes to look at cows and stone houses and does a thing called swimming which means something like getting wet for fun. He makes me get wet sometimes and it’s no fun at all. Odd creatures, these humans. I’m quite happy at home with no one to bother me. Eventually he turned up again and stuck me in a box. That means one of two things. Either I get a needle stuck in my backside or we’re going to the country. Last time it was needles. This time I was lucky. So now we’re at the farm with a house full of insects. I like it here. All he sees is a couple of flies and maybe a spider but I spend the night chasing down things with six legs that he’s never even heard off. Or eight legs, it’s all the same to me. Bliss. Just the smell of it fills a hedgehog’s head with dreams of exotic plenty. Anyhow, he says he’ll be back sometime soon, when the beer runs out, maybe, or there’s a storm or something, so when he turns up I’ll let him have the chair.

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