Friday, October 14, 2011

The Weekend

Last weekend we were at the farm. Too much work and the painters in the house have prevented me from posting about it, which is probably a good thing since it would read like a dozen other posts on the same subject, but a blogger never lets an opportunity go to waste, so here it is.

There were about a dozen of us. The usual crowd, broadly speaking. Most of them go to the country for the express purpose of getting up late, sitting in the kitchen all morning gossiping, drinking beer, and complaining about their hangovers, rising late from the siesta, and sitting in the kitchen all evening gossiping and drinking sweet rum. Lunch is generally taken in the garden, which is the only occasion on which many of them leave the house, and dinner is a late barbecue which is fun to do but rather pointless as most people are already full of snacks and beer by that time. The dogs appreciate the leftovers.

Your blogger, of course, goes to the country to see the country, to take photos in the (usually vain) hope that one or two will turn out decently, and to walk or ride around the lakes. This time I took one of the group with me. He had asked to join me himself, and said that he often went out cycling with friends, but I suspect he was a bit out of practice. He seemed to flag climbing the final hill past the Cueva de Montesinos*, and for the last few miles home the zest had definitely gone. But still, ‘que le quiten lo bailao’, as they say here.

Everything I could say about the country and the lakes I’ve said before, so here are some photos: new angles, new ideas.

*Don Quijote spent a night in it and had a series of visions which he later admitted were the product of his confused imagination.

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