Saturday, September 11, 2010

The End of Summer

Summer is pretty much over. Most of you will already have noticed that, but to me it doesn't so much mean I have put the t-shirts and shorts away- it's still hot here- as that I have to do some work again.

I have no children, cars or expensive hobbies. My favourite activity is walking in the country, which is what we did when we all lived in caves and the price hasn't gone up. I do like good food, though, I like a decent roof over my head and I like to travel regularly. All of which implies that I can live comfortably without collapsing from stress every five minutes, but I do have to earn money most of the time, and that time has come again.

So we're back in the city, with its comforts and its inconveniences, the people, the noise, the shops, the friends nearby, the restaurants, the single, poor and poorly-used theatre, but Madrid, Córdoba and Seville are not far away, and so on and so on...

In short, real life has crept up on me and whacked me with its weapon of choice, which I suppose we could say is time, or more prosaically, the bills. It means I get to catch up on the news, and find out waht's been going on the last couple of months, and maybe write about it, rant about it, make perceptive comments on it, misunderstand it, expose the shallowness of my thinking and the narrowness of my vision, and just possibly, change the world a bit. In short, I shall blog. Oh, and I shall also live.


Vincent said...

Blessings upon your endeavours!

CIngram said...

Thank you. I hope I can live up to my own expectations.