Sunday, March 15, 2009

La Laguna de la Posadilla

I had lunch today in a volcano. Choricillos al infierno, flambéed meats, grilled vegetables and chilis with everything. OK, it was the one on the right, and the menu was more cheese sandwich than fondue, but it's a genuine volcanic crater. There's water in it, and birds, and mud mixed with ash, and volcanic rock lying beside, er, other kinds of rock. And trees and reeds and almost total quiet except for the idle chatter of the livelier birds and the softest whisper of the breeze among the branches. And the inane wittering of Hickory reflecting aloud on the wonderfulness of it all. Very relaxing.

It was a longish walk out there and we Alarcos from below- we didn't climb up this time- with the shrine and the mediaeval castle standing on an Iberian village which is still being excavated. And an old bridge that crosses the river with the ruins of a mill and a couple of factories. Warm and sunny, and looks like staying that way.

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