Friday, March 27, 2009

And So the retired Colonel Says...

I live opposite the Gobierno Civil, point of protest for everybody who likes to encourage others to shout and scream. Mainly union leaders, of course, and you can see why they do it- they have to be seen to do something and making a lot of noise in front of a government building keeps their members entertained. It doesn't have to achieve anything, and it rarely, if ever, does. When governments give in to threats or blackmail (or possibly recognise the rightness of the case, or decide that it will win them votes), it is the result of deals done in secret, usually more to the advantage of the leaders than of the ordinary workers. It is never because of the shouting and the breaking things.

Gangs of worthless layabouts who know nothing of economics and care nothing for the poor of the world will see this again at the G-20 meeting next week, but they will not notice or care. They are too busy having fun and feeling righteous to understand why they are wrong. I would speak more about this, but it has been done rather better, and saves me the trouble.

Most of those who shout in front of my house want the same thing- other people's money, which they seem to think they are entitled to, for some reason. They invariably bring megaphones and whistles; people have to know you are there, of course. Today it was the farmers union, a bit different, as the leader is a right-winger- I know him personally- and they brought sheep, four, on ropes, and a car with loudspeakers braying out terrible 1960's pop songs. It got people's attention, which was the point, and the leader got to repeat the usual slogans and sound like an orator.

This happens often, with one group or another. A couple of months ago the friend of Hamas were there, complete with banners calling Jews Nazis. They didn't cause any real trouble, in fact, but it coulkd have escalated, if Israel had not left Gaza when it did, and none of those responsible for keeping the peace seemed bothered. The photo I include because I happened to take it. I haven't really thought of moving, but it annoys me that these mobs think they can do this at any time and that those of us who live here do not count.

I wonder what is planned for Wednesday. Some bunch of ignorant thugs will try something, I am sure, convinced of their rightness.

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AntiCitizenOne said...

Money is other peoples time, when people think of other peoples money as theirs by right, it is analogous to slavery.