Tuesday, March 24, 2009

David Thompson and Keith Windschuttle

One of the things I intended to do on this blog was to produce detailed attacks on certain academics who have made a career out of denying knowledge and the tools for seeking it to generations of students, and who have screamed abuse at anyone who dares not to hang on their every word. There are many of them, but my targets are carefully chosen. It is a long and arduous task, since it is necessary to consider carefully their words, what they might be intended to mean, how the ideas are derived and defended, the connections that may exist, hidden in the paper, and then show, having analyzed the possibilities, why there are no such connections, no such argument, no such ideas, nothing more than repeated dogmatic expressions of the same ignorant prejudices.

There have been fewer posts than I intended on these people. There will be more, I promise, but for now I am pleased to discover that I am not alone. David Thompson is doing it- among other things- better and with more energy than me, and Keith Windschuttle also does it, also much better, and he even uses Homi Bhabha as an example, which I am very happy about, having been forced to read some of his empty, self-serving, hate-inspired ramblings.

Read them, and consider carefully what they say.

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