Thursday, January 22, 2009


The day before we went to Prague at the beginning of this month, the remaining hamster (a Russian dwarf, Phodopus sungorus) aging and rather doddery, chose to escape from her cage and sit in the chip fat. Emergency showering and blowdrying, which she seemed to enjoy very much, incidentally, were not successful, and she went the way of all flesh the next morning (the dustcart, since you ask, we have daily collections here).

Returning from Prague, Mrs Hickory wanted a replacement, of course, and so we, fresh from seeing inspiring statues and hearing heroic tales of the great saints and leaders of Bohemia, the only question was whether he should be Wenceslao, Wenceslas or Vaclav; Spanish, English or Czech. He ended up Spanish, and Wenceslao joined our little commune, squealing, creeping around at amazing speed, squeezing through anything bigger than the eye of a needle, and disturbing the hedgehog, who doesn't know what to do about him (Crispulo is an insectivore, and though also partial to fruit, nuts and cat food, he draws the line at small furry animals. Since he can't eat it or shag it he regards it with suspicion. Wenceslao on the other hand seems to enjoy his company, as when he gets out he goes to the same bed. They sometimes curl up together.)

All of this makes the cold, dark, damp days more pleasant.


Anonymous said...

Querido Clgram, se te olvida en tu estupenda descripción de la "fauna" casera el gusto que tienen tus animalitos-Crispulo de momento- por irse a casa de la vecina a modisquear y hacer otras cosas....Lo que tambien añade un poco de dirversion cuando hay que buscarlos..

CIngram said...

Ciertamente, anonymous, tendré que pedir disculpas a mi vecina cuando la vea