Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Intelligent Discussion on the existence of the Sasquatch

Is there such a thing as Sasquatch? What do you mean by Sasquatch? That thing in Canada that looks like a sort of ape? Half-man-half-monkey-ish thing, yes, you’ve seen the pictures. But aren’t all the pictures fake. Well, some of them are, apparently, but others not necessarily, and there’s a video. There’re all fake, it’s obviously rubbish, some people will believe anything. But you can’t be sure it doesn’t exist, can you. You can’t prove it doesn’t exist because you can’t prove a negative. So if you can’t prove it’s true it must be true. But you can prove a negative. Canada’s big enough to hide a lot of things. How would an ape/monkey/hominid get into Canada, anyway? Same way we did, Bering Strait, land bridge, all that, comes and goes, lots of monkeys in South America. Been there millions of years though, not just come from Northern Siberia. But they could have done, more recently. It’s all rubbish, there is no Sasquatch, no Yeti, no God, no creation, and the Moon landings were faked (err). But how much is there really of Canada? Not enough to hide an unknown hominoid. Just because you’ve never seen it. But if they’ve got a name for it it must be something. Maybe not in Canada, somewhere else. If it was there someone would have seen it. They have but no one believes it, they just say there can’t be any such thing. They said that about the coelacanth. And that other thing, what’s it called? Do you still put you old teeth under the pillow, then? But it could be, you never know, do you? I’m not saying there are, but there’s pictures… Faked, all of them, there’s always people who’ll believe anything.

To listen to this kind of conversation is at tedious at the best of times, which is why I never discuss Bigfoot except with people who know what they are talking about.

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