Tuesday, January 1, 2013

In Which I Exhort the Reader in Latin

New Year's Day.  Nunc coepit, as I learnt to say regularly years ago. A moment for taking a deep breath and starting to  do things better. There are always things you want to do, to feel better, to earn more, to give satisfaction, to learn, to make more of this brief time that is life. It is always a good moment to begin again, to do things better, to try harder, but today it is easier to do it properly. Many people seem to have difficulty doing it at all, and use today as a moment to create yet another monument to failed ambition, or rather unfulfilled desire. Well, I shall try, at least, not to be like them.

Will is not something you have, it is something you do. If you want things to happen you have to go out and do them. Wanting, wishing, hoping, idly thinking how great it would be if such and such occured, by magic presumably, is not going to achieve anything at all, except frustration and the continuation of the same situations you dislike.

have said many times that the greatest secret in the world is that (almost) anything is possible if you go out and do it. The kind of people who have wait for a particular day in order to find the courage
To act are unlikely to achieve much. Any day, any moment is a good one. Happy New Year to all who drop by. Nunc coepit is a great incantation. So is carpe diem. Use them often and well.


James Higham said...

Labor omnia vincit.

CIngram said...

Ita vero, amicus meus.