Saturday, October 27, 2012

By Popular Demand

Or what passes for popular demand around here. That biped who thinks he owns the place and gets in the way when I'm trying to eat isn't exactly setting the world alight, is he? Maybe he should realize that people are more interested in cute hedgehogs than turgid ramblings about half-digested politics, or 'philosophy' as he likes to call it.

Anyway, he's let me have another go so, as, unlike him, I do know what the public wants, here is me doing stuff that I do. Mostly I run around randomly, like a an over-wound piece of clockwork (the bidped's words;  I see myself as moving smoothly and elegantly through my domains), stopping regularly to stick my nose in the air and chase down something edible. Then I go crunch. It's a comfortable life in some ways.

That furry thing is a bit disturbing sometimes, look at that evil eye, but I know how to keep him in his place.


Sackerson said...

Any floor level pics (hedgehog's-eye view)?

CIngram said...

Working on it. He doesn't make it easy.