Saturday, June 2, 2012

Medals for 15M

The young are revolting. Nothing new there. They want us to know that the electoral process does not deserve the name of democracy and that the economy is in big trouble(and that they don’t much like other people having money and also that they will not eat their greens, so there!)

We know this already. Why do they expect to be treated like heroes simply for telling us something we already know and for living off other people’s money when those of us who are working hard (very hard) to try to actually solve those problems are somehow considered as the enemy?

I respect and defend their right to think for themselves and express their ideas and beliefs freely (this time there has been almost no violence) but until they respect my rights and freedoms, which they don’t, and until they realize that strutting up and down constantly restating the problem in a number of linguistically innovative ways is quite different from providing some kind of solution, I shan’t be respecting them personally.

If it weren't for capitalism and the hard work of others half of them would be dead and most of the others would be literally on the streets, instead of just playing at tramps and hippes. And it's capitalism, or rather, investment and incentives for success, which is what they think capitalism is, which will eventually get us out of the crisis. Nothing else can.

I am getting tired of people telling me things I already know and demanding my money as the answer to all problems. The people who are shouting loudest are, whether they like it or not, through their own fault or not, part of the problem, not the solution.

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