Saturday, September 24, 2011

Does Anyone Know...?

Why International rugby players put up with having their own bloody slaughter ritually and aggressively enacted in front of them every time they play New Zealand? Not having been able to watch a great deal of rugby the last few years, I'm not sure how they do in fact react, but they obviously haven't found a way to stop this hugely provocative spectacle. It should have been easy enough to laugh at them, ignore them, stroll away and chat among themselves, turn round and drop their trousers, invent their own threatening performance or, best of all, each player could walk slowly up to within three inches of his opposite number and stare him straight in the eyes. Given the way rugby players stare, the urge to continue with the ridiculous contortions would probably dry up very quickly. They might all end up fighting, but that would be a much better way to start the game anyway.

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