Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sanskrit Literature

The intersection of regular readers of this blog with lovers of Sanskrit literature is, I should imagine, very small indeed, but even so I draw the attention of such people as may exist to this wonderful blog, which I have just discovered and added to the blogroll. It needs no further comment, I think, but that isn't going to stop me rambling on, of course.

I discovered Sanskrit literature by chance, as I imagine most people do. I bought some books because I wanted to learn how the language worked, really to compare it with Greek, Latin and (later) Lithuanian. I found a language of fascinating beauty, and an extraordinarily rich literature comparable to the Greek, and far superior to the Latin. For those who've learnt a bit already, here is a blog that provides a short extract, aphorism, image or poem each day, to add a little colour to your mornings, and to enrich your understanding of the world from a source you probably know nothing of- over three thousand years of a wholly different people trying to understand and explain the world.

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