Wednesday, July 31, 2013

We are not Worthy

Well, there's a surprise. It appears that the hedgehog has been chosen as the emblem of British wildlife in a poll held be a nature magazine. As the nation's premiete, probably only, hedgehog blogger I await calls from the national press asking for comment I am delighted, I shall say, and rather surprised. Hickory is an Algeria hedgehog, small and clean. The garden hedghog is big, smelly and ridden with fleas without and germs within. A pleasure to watch in the garden as they run from cover to cover crunching evrrything crunchy they can find (which includes those lovely butterflies, but you wouldn't want one in the house. Also, they are endemic across Europe, and are in no sense specifically British, but I'm not going to complain. We are not worthy of such recognition, I am sure, but it is received with humility and pride. This being the Guardian, there is a half-serious reference to instittional vertabrism, but the public perception does not lie. My hedhehog friends, we are big in Britain. We hace arrived. With apologies for format and spelling. Blogging by phone.

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