Thursday, February 2, 2012

Аз мразя зъболекари

This post was brought to you by my first lower right molar (my 46, as the dominatrix with the black mask and the shrilly whining instrument called it, with objectionable familiarity) and includes nuancing by my bank manager:

μισω μαλα τους οδοντιατρους
Ich hasse Zahnärzte
Ma vihkan hambaarste
मैं दंत चिकित्सक से नफरत है
Dentisten gorroto
Je deteste les dentistes
Aš nekenčiu stomatologų
Mimi chuki madaktari wa meno
Mae'n gas gen deintyddion
أنا أكره أطباء الأسنان
אני שונאת רופאי שיניים
I hate dentists
Odio a los dentistas

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