Thursday, May 5, 2011

With Opened Eyes

Regular commenter Vincent, with whom I have often enjoyed a little gentle sparring, takes me to task in a comment on the previous post for pinning an entire rant on three words spoken by a woman called Meg Rosoff as a throwaway in an interview about something else, and (inadvertently) putting that rant in her mouth.

He is, of course, quite right, and I have amended the post, and here I link to the interview, and to her own site, so readers can get a clearer idea of who she is and what she believes, and she can respond if she wishes.

I stand by my opinion of those who want to ban private education, some of whom I have named and quoted in previous posts. Although I paraphrase the arguments used to some extent, I do not exaggerate them at all. And the list is not even complete. But Meg Rosoff did not say any of those things.  Perhaps she has given no serious thought to what her proposal would mean, and gave the answer as the first thing that came into her head that mattered to her.

I post this rather than just answering in the comments because if this blog is about anything (other than hedgehogs and rambling) it is a search for the truth (that's what the title of the blog means, at least to me). It's so much easier to be right when you're talking to yourself, but you don't learn much that way.

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