Friday, October 15, 2010

EU Papershuffler is Afraid of His Shadow

Apparently van Rompuy (Google him, he thinks he's important but I can't be bothered to explain why) used official cars, paid for by you and me, of course, and they're not cheap to run, partly because they're run by bureaucrats, to go on holiday with his family this summer. For 'security reasons'.

I know people like that like to imagine they matter in some way, but whatever makes him think someone is going to kill him? No one even knows who he is, and no one cares what happens to him. The EU taxpayer wouldn't care in the slightest even if he were targeted by some crazed gunman or terrorist with a grievance. He is of no personal relevance to any of us, and his position, which is meaningless anyway, would just be taken by somebody else. He probably imagines the symbolism of such an act would be comparable to that of the murder of JFK. It isn't worth bothering to try to explain to him what he really means to the people.

If he is concerned for his safety, he can pay for his own security. He earns enough. Or he can go and sweep the streets and he won't have to be paranoid any more. Why should we pay for his delusions of grandeur? It is simple corruption, and contempt for the people who do real jobs or live under genuine threats to their safety (and there are millions, even in Europe).

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