Tuesday, February 9, 2010

This InterSphere blogginess thing is a surprising beast.

I don’t quite understand how, but a comment I wrote on Charles Crawford’s ‘blogoir’ ended up as the introduction to an article in the Independent. It wasn’t attributed, and it made the article a bit awkward, because it was supposed to be a response to my words, not an explanation of them. Charles gives me to understand it was not his fault, but a formatting error at the paper. Not that I’m bothered, but a link from the Indie would have done wonders for my traffic. (I got one from CNN once, as they seemed to think I was an authority on the politics of Bolivia, and the StatCounter went mad for a couple of days.)

Ah well. Such is the Interweb. But if you click on the link to the article, the first two paragraphs (which don’t even make much sense out of context) are mine. I feel a post on Language Decay coming on.


AntiCitizenOne said...

One mans language decay is another mans language evolution.

CIngram said...

Indeed, but it is necessarily a complex business. Language can decay, but in certain circumstances, within certain groups, who for whatever reason lose the need to communicate at a higher level in that language. But a language as a whole doesn't decay unless everyone stops using it. On the other hand, language is always changing. See my post later today, if I get round to finishing it.