Sunday, January 17, 2010

Education is for Children; Is it hard to Understand?

A few remarks about schools, mostly things I have said before, but a bit more succinctly, and inspired by this, and this, as well as my general daily experience of idiots who think they know how education should work.

Education is supposed to benefit the children. The fact that teachers make a living from it is great for them, but it-s not the point of it.

Education should not be compulsory. Offer it to those who want it. If this causes other problems then so be it; they are better addressed outside of the schools.

Education is a fairly simple process at its most basic. It consists of instilling a number of skills and a certain amount of essential knowledge. There-sª a lot more if time and circumstance allows, but that-s more than most people get.

Education is not well-entrusted to left-wing pseudo-intellectuals who neither know nor care about the reality of teaching nor the value of education.

I also offer you this, in which Natasha Walter is astounded to discover that teenaged boys are interested in sex; a brilliant example of how to build a thesis from a couple of anecdotes about something which has nothing to do with the point of the story, and a few ideas cobbled together from what people are saying down at the wine bar.

This is great: I can see why some are arguing that the way forward really rests on creating more opportunities for women in pornography.

I-m almost tempted to agree with her, but I don-t think that was the idea.

ªMy keyboard has just changed all the symbols around and I can-t find the apostrophe. I have no idea how this can happen.

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