Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Hedghog Origami

My spiny alter ego's underwear fetish is becoming distinctly worrying. He used to pinch the odd item that had fallen to the floor, to line his nest or because he finds the smell comforting (I've never liked to ask) but now he tries to steal socks directly off the foot, which means late at night you have to hop up and down and run about while a crazed erinacid tries to bite your toes. It's all part of the great tapestry of hedgehog co-existence, I suppose, but they didn't warn me about that bit.

In broader hedgehog news, a Frenchman called Eric Joisel makes hedgehog origami. The link shows the result, and gives a not very good description of how to fail to make it. His own site does a better job, but I imagine its not easy to replicate. I'm not goint to try, just admire a man who can spend much of his life working out ways to represent shapes in folded paper, and presumably think it time well spent.

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