Wednesday, November 18, 2009

More Jobs for the Boys

Watching the media and polictical circus surrounding the appointment of the President of the European Council and High Commissioner for Strutting around Self-Importantly and being Ignored by Barak Obama, one is struck by the total lack of concern for democratic accountabilty and 'bringing the EU closer to its citizens'. A major purpose of the exercise was supposed to be precisely that, to try to persuade us all that we created it ourselves because we wanted to and that we it is a structure through which the people express and carry out their will. it has now degenerated into the usual horse-trading, power-sharing, bullying and Buggins-ism, with no reference to or consideration for the poor citizens who are paying for it with their money and their political freedom.

All completely predictable. They haven't answered Kissinger's question, either, which was also meant to be an important purpose of all this. I don't see the Kissinger's of the world calling the number of some harmlessly obscure Belgian ex-postmaster general when they want to talk to 'Europe'. I don't imagine they take much notice of Barroso either.

So a couple of corrupt or failed non-entities will be appointed because the ones who will decide it are concerned about the stability of their own little social world and their own position in it. We do not matter. They could not have said it more clearly. And nor could the press, which is mostly too busy claiming to be able to interpret the games politicians play to defend our freedoms as it claims to do.

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