Friday, June 26, 2009

Summer is Summed

Hickory has had enough of the heat and is off to the mountains. Blogging may well be bucolic in nature, and will be via what I understand is called a dongle, which will limit photographs a bit. I promise comments on the latest anthropological news, which has been tremendously exciting, and gossip from the village, as well as botany and zoology, but politics and the Hickory Wind may be less evident.

I cannot and would not force anyone to continue reading this blog if it became dull or lacked relevance, but I will say that once you have heard what the daughter of the Paqui may or may not have done with the nephew of the Juani in the mata above the cemetery the other Sunday night when they were both supposed to be babysitting the Yesica's little one because her mother needed to sleep it off and her father * knows where he is and what the mother-in-law of Pepe the tobacconist says is what really happened and what the Paqui did to the mother-in-law of Pepe and what the doctor said about all of them when he'd had a few at the absinth parlour the Mayor has since his last attempt to rig the local housing market went wrong; once, I say, you have heard all that, and especially once you have heard what the daughter of the undertaker will do just about anywhere for €20, you will never watch Big Brother again.

In summary, there will be blogging and it will not be dull.


Vincent said...

Don't you miss England, though? You would not have "enough of the heat" here. You would be grateful for what you get. After a few summery days, today is sullen, threatening rain.

Roll on the bucolic blogging though!

CIngram said...

Hello Vincent, good to hear from you again. Yes, I do miss some things about England, especially in Ashes summer. I miss the green and the variety of colour in the land, the style of the villages and the memories I can recall with anyone who shared any part of my childhood. I used to miss real ale, but not any more.