Monday, May 18, 2009

Miliband on Democracy

One half of the Miliband being says that democracy is under threat because people might vote for unapproved parties. It is highly instructive to learn that there are parties we can and cannot vote for. Basically, it appears we are only allowed to vote for Lib Lab Con; anything else is a threat to democracy.

Miliband should remember, or rather, we should point out to him (with ropes if necesary), that freedom can only be threatened by those who have power. We, the people, are scarcely represented in any meaningful sense these days, and if the government is trying to stop us voting for the candidates of our choice, then it is perfectly clear where the threat to democracy is coming from.

Vote for whoever you wish in June. Remind them that you can. Not that the result will matter in the slightest, since the EU Parliament has no power, but for Labour to receive fewer votes than UKIP would be terrifying to their own sense of entitlement. Vote Green if you must, vote BNP if that is your wish. Vote Monster Raving Loony. Or just ignore them all. It's all democracy. Miliband knows this, but cannot admit it. For him and his kind, the real danger is that they might lose power.

Update: Yes, vote BNP if you must. But first reflect that a) none of them is capable of representing fresh whale blubber to a starving eskimo, let alone the interests of the British people in Brussels b) their more sensible policies have been tacked on a posteriori in an attempt to obscure their central policy, and the reason for their existence, which is nigger-bashing and c) there is nothing British about the BNP, as pointed out by David T at Harry's place, which I picked up via Counting Cats in Zanzibar.

Having thus reflected, use your freedom as you wish, and enjoy it. There are many people who don't want you to be free.

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Vincent said...

Excellent observations!