Thursday, February 19, 2009

The Cobbler talks Cobblers again

The imbecile with the twisted Grin who tries to run this place has said, in a political context that cannot be explained in a few words, that “The great task (that must be undertaken) against unemployment is education, not cheap sacking.”

It’s not something that gets talked about much in England but here the relative ease with which you can get rid of employees is frequently discussed at all levels and your attitude to it is a sign of your political affiliation. The Union’s only defend themselves, and the people already working who pay their wages; they have no interest in helping the unemployed. Making it harder to sack people makes hiring people riskier and more expensive, and anything that ties up trade slows the economy down. Of course, those who lose their jobs suffer, and unemployment is rising, but penalizing employers for hiring is not the way to stimulate growth. It does, however, play well on the left, and with those who are worried about their jobs. It is easier to understand that sacking people is bad than that making things cheaper for companies will help the situation.

The education policy of the Cobbler, or rather, of those who pull his strings, since he himself is incapable of having or defending ideas, is aimed at the opposition, and incorporates lots of terrific-sounding left-wing ideas which don’t work. I mean children don’t learn that way. I’m a teacher, I know. It’s not difficult if what you care about is that children learn. The people who tell us how to teach do not know and do not care.

The Cobbler will not solve the problems that Spain is currently facing, and one of the reasons he cannot is that he will not renounce the dogma that workers should not be expected to do anything useful or productive, or even to do their jobs, where they exist. Companies, in the minds of people like him, exist to pay wages to ‘workers’. He does not ask where the companies get their ability to pay. But that is something he would not understand.

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