Saturday, December 6, 2008


I have not run out of things to say, I can assure those who are still paying attention. I have, however, run out of time to say them in. Temporarily, I hope. Too much work recently.

If such a thing is possible, of course.

Work is an excellent thing, a great blessing for the individual and society. Working twelve hours a day leaves me no time for drinking, smoking, shooting up, hunting with dogs, making private phone calls, criticising my elected masters, plotting the overthrow of the government by force, or any other of the things they seem to think I shouldn't be doing. It leaves me no time, either, for reading newspapers or watching television, thus saving me from the semi-literate propaganda of self-important ignorantsiae. Neither do I have time for more attractive diversions such as literature, philosophy, mathematics or opera. Fortunately so, for otherwise I might learn to think, or even begin to imagine myself superior to those who do not know what such thought is. I thus contribute to a more just and egalitarian society.

By earning every penny of my income in the private sector I take nothing from the taxpayer, who is doubtless delighted to hear it. By using private medicine and, should the need arise, my own form of private education, I not only simplify my relationship to these matters to a question of paying so that other people can have them, but I also give a certain type of liberal the satisfaction of calling me a parasite, a capitalist, and doubtless a number of other things, if I continued to listen. Since such people have no other pleasure, this is a matter of some importance to them.

And, as I said at the start, it leaves me little or no time to blog. In short, by working hard and earning money I contribute in many ways to making the world a finer, happier, purer place.

I do have time for one little thought, however: I naturally respect those I recognise as my betters. I naturally respect those I recognise as being worthy of respect, even if they are not my betters. I, on most occasions, defer to those who have power, authority and strength, since they will make themselves be deferred to. I, naturally, defer to and defend those who are too weak to defend themselves or who would suffer unjustly without that deferrence. Which means I don't know whose face I can kick sand in anymore. There must be someone. Any ideas?

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