Friday, November 7, 2008

Is Bardem a Filthy, Soulless Capitalist?

I recently watched 'No Country for Old Men'. It won an Oscar, which doesn't usually tempt me, but was made by the Coen brothers, and I have often laughed at them (as it were). I didn't think much of it; it took itself much too seriously, and was mostly a series of intense facial expressions with no apparent connection between them. It was obviously meant to mean something, but I don't know what.

My opinion of a film is of no interest to anyone, but it starred Javier Bardem. Despite living in Spain I had never actually seen any of his work before. It reminded me of remarks of his that I have heard repeated in the press. He is more or less a communist; he probably would be if he dared. His ideas about politics are rather foolish, and he would be advised to stick to acting, which he does well. But his remarks are typical of a certain kind of actor.

This is not a rant about Bardem. But it is a rant. How can a Hollywood actor- Bardem or any of a hundred who come out with the same nonsense- presume to tell anyone that they earn too much money or are somehow immoral because they are slaves to capitalism?

These are people who make enormous sums of money in one of the most brutally capitalist industries in the work. Its only purpose is to make money. It sells a product that is intrinsically worthless- don't tell me it does art- and it has created and constantly recreates a market for itself by spending huge sums on ferocious, manipulative advertising aimed mainly at children and the uneducated. No one who works at a high level in such a business can preach to the rest of us about social responsibilty.

As usual, I may be wrong, but I want to know why.

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